Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Knot

Time to make coffee... time to begin the day... time. time. time.
I am feeling down. Blah. blah. As in my money saving martyring skills are very lively.
My birthday is in four days. And I think I should have a few of the things I tell myself "no" to on a daily basis. Nothing huge. Mostly the kinds of things most women take for granted in the daily routine of basic care for themselves. I said "Basic". As in make-up and some new underwear sans holes....
I saw some pretty things in a on-line beads and charms jewelry shop. And thought maybe I could treat myself to one of those trinkets. At a whopping 24 dollars maybe it could be a birthday/valentines gift? ;)
But immedietly I went to work at denying myself. I.e who am I kidding.. what a waste to put something so pretty on something so hidious! So now throughly feeling a bit teary but saving myself 24 dollars!!!! I will "treat" myself to a cup (perhaps a few sips) of coffee before work.....

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