Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling Good

I stuck a roast (& veggies) in the crockpot this morning, and it is smelling dee-li-cious! Put a bottle of merlot in the fridge to chill. Yum! Last night I made devilsfood cupcakes with whippedcream frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Their gone ;) Thanks to the kiddos and their friends. But that makes me happy! Feeling pretty good right now. I need to (want to) tidy up the livingroom a bit so I can actually walk across the floor without stumbling on boxes (in the middle of trying to go through and get rid of a massive amount of STUFF.) This is a big dream/goal of mine. I am sick and tired of so much STUFF, clutter. There are things I love that are being put aside because of the clutter and mess. Its unhealthy,and its making me unhappy. I feel like the bulk of this process is being left to me.. which makes it kinda of difficult, but plugging away.. feels lilke its taking forever. And sometimes it feels like a struggle with my boyfriend, ectera. But I am serious about it. I need this. It is making my anxiety problems worse. It is taking up residense inside my brain, and it is an unwelcome guest. This clutter is EVICTED! ;) I want to breathe!!!!!!

I want to feel happy and at peace when I walk through my door. I want to be able to have people come over and be PROUD of my home, and what it says about me.... I can DO THIS. And I think it will actually be a breakthrough in other areas of my life to. Mental, weight, anxiety, ectera. So enough blogging for now eh?! I should do a bit of "clearing my head"!

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