Friday, January 21, 2011

Its Today Again

Good-morning world. Slightly anxious this morning... but kinda sorta looking forward to the day too. Different than usual. Later this evening I am taking the train to Tacoma, to see a friend. Tomorrow we will (along with three other girls/ladies? are we getting to old to be "girls"???) will be going to Seattle.
I am anxious.. partly because (well I am ALWAYS anxious);( Partly because this is something I NEVER even get the opportunity to do.. partly because said friend and I have had some... issues? and partly because I look like crap. Which is okay kinda in my normal life.. where I only work in empty houses and come home.... I am pretty much invisable. Which although painful at times.. works out fine.

On another note.. I am frustrated...
Its annoying to see people time and time again getting credit and praise for my ideas...
I don't say much , because.. well I can't take credit for "ideas" .. and I know I am not the only one with said ideas... BUT when I have done something and I know the other person has seen it and than copies.. wellllll. Frustrating.

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