Monday, September 6, 2010


Someday, I will not have these worries. Everything in my life now, will be gone. Someday these pains and sadnesses will be a memory. But also will be my joys and gifts of today. Someday, I will have no wee one to keep me up at night. I will have no soft little hand to hold, no sweet gummy smile. And while all may worries of losing now .. the future will soon come to either take from me.. give to me, or prove my worries of loss null. In any variation, ... it will be. My worries sadness , anxieties... won't have mattered but to have aged me, and make me ill. Someday, I may have some or everything of what I prayed and hoped and dreamed and shed tears and sweat for. But I will have given other things in return. Life is loss, but it is not without its gifts. Letting the pain take the lead to happiness will only make me bitter. While concentrating on all I have even if it may be little (and it is not.. little) Will bring joy to shine over every corner and cast the shadows away. I am blessed. I have been granted an amzing gift and what I learn/take from it will make all the difference. I will walk with grace. I will speak with kindness. I will be strong. I will be brave. I will believe. I will be patient. I will do what I can now, with what gifts I have now. I will love. I will forgive. I will do my best to not blame others for their human weaknesses, and what pain they may cause me. What I do with any situration is my choice.
Goodnight, and sweetest dreams :) May peace, love, joy and faith always be near.

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