Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Release Me

Two sleeping pills and a muscle relaxant... AWAKE AWAKE AWAKE! This can't be normal, can it? Can I have some of that shit Micheal took? Anybody? Yeah.. thats what I thought. Baby boy has his EEG tomorrow. I want one too. Maybe I can find out whats wrong with my brain?
Feeling restless, distracted, detached.... Who the hell am I? Bored, waiting. I feel imprisoned within myself, but I try not to bitch to much about it cause it strikes me as whiny. Ha. How can I be SO tired but unable to sleep? I am thinking about buying a bicycle tomorrow... I just want to ride.. wind in my hair down a long hill. be a child for a moment and maybe in that moment everything will click and I will be here again really me.... I know.. I'm talking crazy.. just a little.. I could do better. And really want good is an annoymous blog if you can't be authentically crazy? ANd then perhaps work oneself up to being completely unmasked loony? Ahhh I can wish! ;^) I shall try to crawl back into bed now and see if my brain shall release me?


  1. "And really want good is an anonymous blog if you can't be authentically crazy? "

    I should change my name to mr mud and see how it affects my poetry.

    Keep talking. Looks like you have so much to say. Good to meet you, Lucky. Don't be a stranger.

    PS love the music.

  2. Biking is awesome ! i do it everyday it just releases so many endorphins !! i love it. and i love your blog, i think i tell you that everytime though...ha