Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Day Without A Dollar ;)

Good Morning Thursday. No work today, because we STILL need a part to (HOPEFULLY) complete the key problem with the car....
I can't believe this as turned into such an utter fiasco. Seriously! A key! Anybody else could and would have it fixed the same day... if maybe the falling day (being it occured on a Sunday , Halloween. Regardless..... INSANE! But we are "poor" sooooo we have to do everything the hard way.. which normally means losing even MORE money in the process. Its frustrating... But i'm trying really REALLY hard to work around the stress. I know from routine experience... all the stress is often for not. And it just makes sthe situration worse physically and emotionally, ectera ectera. And 9.999999 times out of 10, everything is fine. So far anyway. ;/
So like every night..... I have yet to go to sleep, and it is nearly 6 A.M (Deep Breath) The baby slept pretty well.. didn't wake till about 4:30! (And is still talking up a storm in the bedroom) BUT.... Tonight went to shit anyway.... Big fight.. because I was sick and tired of the same bullshit....... I went for a walk at 2 in the morning. Saw a pack of "wild dogs"... that scared me a little. It was kinda nice though. There is a creek that meanders through the area I live in and lots of wooded areas. The stars were bright and very beautiful and the leaves were falling and I could hear the creek down in the woods. If I hadn't been sad, pissed, a little scared and alone.... it would have been quite lovely :) As still was... just not as relaxing as it could of been. So now on an early Thursday morning I hear the rest of the people waking around me (Not my own kids, besides baby,thankfully) ;/ I am very tired.... but barely know how to even fall asleep anymore.... Wellll baby is getting louder now (no more "cute" babble.... So I must be off (another deep breath to get me through)

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