Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Above is the photo of an artistic endeavor, I created, to decorate the wall behind my bed. If you asked my boyfriend, I'm sure it would be just one of my many "strange creative whimseys".
To me it is more symbolic. I didn't at first mean for it to be. I was just trying to figure out an attractive way to display the vision I had for the wall behind my bed.... I wanted a "brickwall". But buying over two dozen frames was a bit spendy when there are a multitutde of other things that are more important. So I put together the display with things I had around the house; A bamboo pole, twine and tape. It was only after I had "created" it and hung it on the wall, that it took on any symbolism. As I admired my work I saw how the pictures "floated" above the wall. The images of something solid floating like they could fly away at any moment impressed upon me a feeling I have much of the time. The wall behind my back is never truely solid; The ground beneath my feet can disenigrate at any moment, for no apparent reason. And as it is "chaos, begets chaos". But for some reason breaking away from it is like trying to pull out of the orbit of the sun. Nothing is solid, yet you can't just "break away". A contradiction. As it is we are powerful beyond reason, we have choice in every moment. And no control over anything at all...........

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