Sunday, July 18, 2010


Feeling a bit down this morning. Have to knock that shit off quick. Its been chilly in the morning for the last couple days. Slow to warm up. Being cloudy and cool till nearly 2PM. Than reaching about 80F. I'm trying to keep my mind off... something... So its bouncing around like a rubber ball or a flitting butterfly ;) I should go back to bed... I woke up to pee.. and baby woke up (inevitably) I changed his diaper, gave him 6 oz bottle, and he fell back to sleep... I really should also. Catch a few Zzz'z while I can. I think I am PMS'ing.... Blah-bummer. I'm never completely aware of my condition until after the fact... but sometimes I catch on.. and feel a bit better. Uhg.. there is so much to do! There is ALWAYS so much to do... which in some ways is a good thing. I am stressing. About money (again). Baby needs diapers I noticed. Hoping what we have can make it through tomorrow. And that we have enough gas... ectera ectera. I am getting a headache... I think I'll go back to bed.... yeah.

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