Friday, July 16, 2010


So.. after blabbing my concerns for my mums sanity, I realize she is pretty much doing the equivilant of what I am doing HERE. Working through my issues... my life. In a place where I don't have to be afraid ... afraid of hurting family or friends, or ashamed, or bothered by their oppinions. So-o... I feel a wee bit bad. :( I'm sorry! I kinda wish I could say something to her. But I think we need to hold our own places at a distance perhaps for the time being. I know even though she is my mother... she still has much issues to work through, and while I know she feels she has grown alot.. she (as do we all) has much to do. .....................
So-o we had a great birthday party tonight! I think he (the birthday boy!) had a lot of fun :) unfortunately I was busy tending the party and didnt eat .. and now at nearly one in the morning I am STARVING! Gah! And I'm sure I am going to fall prey to the left over birthday cake. Woe is me! In my defence we tried to pawn of the left over mass of gooey delicious sweet fat and calories on my sister-in-law and our downstairs nieghbor! Didn't work.... :( I am still carrying around three babies in my thighs and belly.. No kidding. :( Wellll I am off ♥

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