Thursday, June 3, 2010


I woke grumpy and sarcastic. I kinda hate that I can only write when I'm in a bad mood... Its not really what I'm going for at all. I believe in positive thinking in thought AND action! Boo! I try often to write when I am feeling good and optimistic and clear and HAPPY and have all this wonderful stuff in my head... but for some reason I can't seem to make the words flow.. Its like some positive blockage. Lol. So I seem to portray something entirely different then how I truely feel and want. Very frustrating. I guess I AM greatful I can use writing as a tool to work through the garbage. Thats excellent. And I AM happy for that... But I would love to convey my JOY also. Not act as though it is something I take forgranted. I don't ... take it forgranted. I'm working on it! And I think I am getting there! There is alot going on in my emotional life right now. And it has been very bitter-sweet for me. But I have been greatful for it while the catalyst has been a negative and sad one.
All for now ;)

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