Saturday, June 19, 2010


Welll, its Saturday. Yesterday was an emotional trainwreck for me, and I am feeling wrung out this morning. BF is working today, so I have the three darlings home with me today. Hope it goes smoothly, that is without me losing my mind balled up in a corner crying and rocking back and forth. In my dream life, I would be able to get some (alot?) of cleaning done today while keeping the children happy and entertained, and no parents knocking on the door saying my kids and their kids have gotten in some kind of disagreement (i.e fight) I reallllly can not handle parents knocking at my door... it makes my homicidal urges (which are dangerously close to the surface right now) FLARE! my mother had my brother text me yesterday asking if she could take the kids for a few hours today... any other time I would of literally JUMPED at the idea... especially knowing I was to have all three of them alone today.. all day. Goes to show how serious I am about this... situration.... to me at least. Well, I am going to go start the coffee ... and do some cleaning in the kitchen ;/ (BELIEVING IN MYSELF ;0))

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