Sunday, June 6, 2010


So.... the day has shaped up not-so-bad. :) After my daughter returned home from sunday school, my son went to the "Kids Club Gym" with his little friend who lives downstairs from us. And my daughter, my wee baby and the Boyfriend went and did some grocery shopping. (We've been completely out of food for over a week ;/)
I then came home and read some of the drama about our apartment in "Apartment Reviews". I then wrote a scathing review of my own. ;) Actually not so scathing.. I went for honest and concise... which is what I always try to be. After which I made myself what I refer to affectionately as a "Junkfood Salad", that is the delicious kind of salad that aside from the "healthy" spinach and spring reds is topped with bleucheese crumbles, fresh grated parmesean, almonds, croutons, and a splash of Bernstiens light cheese fantastico! I know I know. But it is DELICIOUS!!!! Lol. Then a glass of Iced Tea... ANddd I"m Goood! Know if I can only get myself to do something MORE productive. Like ... cleaning. That would be excellent ;/
But I am aiming for putting the second coat of paint on my canvases..... ;)

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