Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starlight Starbright

So,,, I found out I'm nearly three-hundred dollars in the hole at the bank today. Strangely enough.. I'm still breathing and pretty calm. I'm not sure how I managed that one,, but I'm grateful to the universe for keeping me tied up and in one piece. ;/
I went to bed tonight around 11:thirty, with the aid of some PM med but only dozed it off and found myself awake at 2:thirty. So I am here now... contemplating going back to bed. I ate half a bag of popcorn and some water w/ crystal light.
I can't believe how "relatively" calm I feel. Nice.. for once.
I think... unless it is only a "calm before the storm".. or I am just "in the eye" ;/
I know how we age now... I know how we get old.... Sometimes there is just to much LIFE. I am going back to bed now..... Goodnight ;)

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