Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Sleep

Its Five:Thirty! AND I slept through the night!!!!!! YAYhoo!!!! I've noticed (to my chagrin);) That the earlier I go to bed (last night was about 8:30) the better and longer I sleep. Unfortunately, Its just not feasible for me to go to bed at 8:30 everynight :(. What a conundrum. :( Wellll... I'm up bright and early and rested! On a FRIDAY no less! With plenty (two and a half hours :) of time for a leisurely shower and coffee. Its gonna be a GREAT day!!!! And I'm so much HAPPIER when I've had sleep. Able to manage stress better. Lack of sleep really destroys me. Its horrible. And it sucks I'm not able to do something about it on a regular basis. Because it wrecks havoc on everything in my life...

Haha, GREAT DAY? I ended up pretty much having a meltdown in the basement guest bedroom of a clients house... (thankfully they weren't home ;).. otherwise I wouldn't have had the luxury of my screaming tearful escapade..... I would of had to scream silently in the bathroom ;)

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