Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Aarrghhhh! Sometimes it is SO hard taking the "high road"!!!! Lol.. I want SO badly to argue. And I have some DAMN GOOD arguments! I have spent the last.. oh probably close to an hour writing and rewriting my very snappy retort to a response I made about something earlier. But finally chose to come here and "write-it-out. Bah!!!! :p
I have done extremely well not making any comments concerning the issues I'm having with my mum OR dad and am VERY proud of myself (at least "I" can be.) And I felt this little outlet was more or less innocent banter. Like a .. debate... right? Lol. But I didn't want to get pulled under by it either and end up being just as pathetic... But Oo this is a inner struggle for me!!! Ahh I may just go ahead and do it.. later.. perhaps in a moment of weakness ;)

SOo, I am STARVING! okay just very hungry. Waiting for pizza. Doesn't sound super appetizing. But its whats for dinner when nobody wants to cook ;) I would.. cook. But we had a super long day and my entire body aches!!! So there ya have it my day in a itty-bitty nutshell! .. I maybe back.. but I smell pizzaaaaaaH!

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