Sunday, June 6, 2010

Growing Pains

My heart is kinda aching today, as much as I keep trying to ignore the soreness in the pit of my stomach, and be happy and bouncy and energetic. It still hurts... so much that my eyes tear up now and again, and I'm afraid I will be pulled under by my emotions.
It is as has been the most recent issue in my life.. my parents. It feels so pathetic to be feeling and dealing with this at my age. I'm to old for this crap.

So I took a break and decided to break out all my canvases that have been sitting about for years waiting for me, and my vision. Literally years... I'v been frozen and sad and felt... like I wasn't good enough. But although I'm am heartbroken .. the person that should have always been there for me and my dreams and hasn't who has made me feel like I was worthless and retarded ectera... that person has only physically been out of my life for three weeks... And already I see the difference.

I AM SAD, I am HEARTBROKEN... But I also know this is how it has to be right now.. to "BECOME". And that I am having this bitter-sweet oppurtunity is truly priceless, and I AM HAPPY!.. For that. :)

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