Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Once again... 3 a.m. The baby woke soaking wet and needed to be tended to. changed and fed a lil and laid back down. He is in the crib now talking to himself, while I wait. I am EXHAUSTED. I haven't yet fallen asleep, although I'v been in bed for about two hours. In that horrible semi "doze" state. Exhausted but my brain refuses to release my body.
I was (once again) disappointed beyond belief today. (Yesterday?) We have a client EVERY Wednesday who canceled because she will be out of the country. I thought Yay! now we will be able to take the kids to daycare (Already Scheduled day) and FINALLY get to go out (boyfriend and I ) alone and do SOMETHING (we were planninng on Finally going on our hiking trip that was ripped away last month) (We have never actually gone on a date.)
So.. he comes home today after taking our daughter to karate class and breaks the news to me that our daycare is throwing us some shit and we dont have any care at this time. WHAT?!?!?! AGAIN?!?! I just bit my lip for about ten minutes trying to act normal and hold myself together while in the guise of watching jeopardy on TV. After a few minutes I went into the bedroom and laid down.. still trying not to cry.. I did... just a little. And then got control of myself and went to Target to get diapers. AND because I was in a disappointed heartbroken funk .. spent $90 on bath supplies ;p (body wash, lotion, ect) and a grey T-shirt with feathers printed on it (on clearance, Lol) Didn't really make me feel better.. Well maybe just a little :/
Wellll I just am at a loss for words....
I'm going to bed. :(

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