Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I hadn't realized I have been gone for nearly a WEEK! My Oh MY!! I had thought it had just been like.. the weekend.. and maybe Friday. ;) Honestly though completely losing track of "Blog Time", for me is probably a GOOD THING... since I normally use my blog to "air out" my "painful,Dirty Laundry". ;p
I'm ... "O.K". Feeling Pretty Good. It IS 3:00 in the morning , and once again I am AWAKE!
My mom e-mailed me on Facebook (Nice Right?) :) saying that deleting me from her page wasnt meant to say she wasn't "talking to me" and asking if I was ready "To talk". ... I have truely been meaning to write her back the last 3ish days....But I'm not quite sure what to say.. I'm not even to the "first draft" stage. I'm not "Ready To Talk". But I don't mean to be rude or disresptful... I never had meant for it to seem that way. If that is how it was meant to her. But for the sake of my growth and independence and well solidarity in finding me and my personal happiness , I don't think (sadly) it is in mine (or anyones) best interest to "Talk" right now. I'v already been done THAT road.. and it ends at "NO Good". I'm not really quite sure just yet how to put it down in words just yet. Honestly I'm not really thinking about it all that much,, because it feels SO much better to be free from always feeling like stupid useless shit that "can't do anything right, or at all" Or "A retard". Anyways.......... I REALLY need to get to bed. I should be back sooner.. rather then later :)

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