Sunday, May 16, 2010

Any Given Sunday

Blah. Today hasn't been bad, all things considered. Its five:thirty. I'm hot and a little sleepy, but good. Trying to figure out what we should have for dinner. It kinda sorta rained for like three minutes awhile ago ;/. but then went back to being hottish ;/. It was funny some random guy I'v known on the edges of my school existense for the last twenty some years appeared today at my apartment. Hanging out with the girl that moved in next door last month. Weird and random.. how does he fit into my world? haha. He happens to be a friend on my facebook page.. but one of those "extra padding" kinda social networking friends. Lol
Haven't heard from my mother... and I don't really care to. Well, I have things to do ;)

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