Sunday, May 30, 2010


The Boyfriend got me a bacon and bleu burger from Wendy's. (My fave burger all time) But my throat was to sore. So-o a few minutes ago I got up to heat it in the microwave for a few seconds............and..........its covered with ants! WTF! I'm so pissed, GROSS for one and Fuckdamnshit!!! I am so SICK of ants. Of course.. i try to count my blessings.. ants to me are a million times better then the cockroaches I had to deal with in Texas. Eww..
SO yeah. I took a advil Pm and a melatonin.. and am pretty much swaying from exhaustion.. but I found myself just lying in bed.... so here I am... hopefully after my "cleansing" blog entry, I'll be able to fall asleep?
I'm SIckk! feel like total crapp! *sigh*
My moms birthday is today. I have been going back and forth with myself about whether or not to send her a card at least.. or a "happy birthday" text (like I recieved ;/) Or just continue the silence. I don't want to act immature about the whole thing. I feel this "split" is good for me. the best ..... for right now. And I am leaning towards just not saying any thing as we haven't spoken in a month now. I just ... don't want to seem.. or be.. taken as bitter or vengeful. Because I'm not. I'm sad.. and hurt. But like I said I think this is for the best right now.
AND.. I'm really thirsty. Lol.
I would like a vat of iced coffee with vanilla creamer. :)
But.. I'v settled for orange juice. I'v heard its suppose to help colds.. but I believe that is only if you add vodka or something.. ;p
Think maybe I am ready to go to sleep now...................................

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