Saturday, May 22, 2010


So, six'o'clock Saturday morning. I'v been up since one:forty last night. ;/ *Sigh*
A little tired.. but just that kind of tired that makes me wonder if maybe a lil coffee and just relaxing wouldn't do the trick.
The boyfriend and I got in a fight last night. Which is a big reason why I didn't sleep. He is asleep in the kids room. On my sons "couch" (My sons bed is a big Ikea Tylosand couch,, He prefers sleeping on a couch over a bed.) I don't even really know what exactly happened. Anyways..... I don't really care about that (surprisely) right now. And with that said.. I don't know what to say! Lol... perhaps I DID want to talk about that. But I just .... don't.
It seems like I am getting in "Verbal Confrontations" with people right and left.... Common denominator, right? hmm. I just hate lack of logic.................. arggggh. I got into it yesterday with our skitzy stressnaught of a babysitter. She just kept saying the SAME damn thing after we already told her it was taken care of. It drove me INSANE!! I already have my own anxiety disorders.. I can't handle other peoples stupidity. It seems I am getting more and more angry as the years go by. I guess this is my balancing act. As I was so quiet and mmm Mousy? when I was younger. I just can't take bullshit anymore.. and I dont want to be polite and blow smoke up your annoying ass anymore!! Whew... Growl.
So. Yeah. I haven't spoken to my Father in almost three months now. I haven't spoken to my mother in a week.
Taking a break for now ;/

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  1. Sounds like you're having a really tough time. I'm a reactor and I'm learning but am not quite there to sit back and bite my tongue. I'm finding life is too short to hold on to anger, resentment and remorse. It just hurts us.

    I'm so thankful that I have selective memory. Let it go... it does no one any good. It takes practice and I'm getting better but I still have those moments where I'm so mad I wanna scream... but I try to let it roll, you know?