Monday, May 17, 2010


So mother deleted my boyfriend too. Why, we don't know. I have decided now that what she is doing is unforgivable. It kinda hurts at the moment and I am feeling angry. I am trying to use these feeling though to push me. The sun has come out now and it looks to be another sunny beautiful day. I think I should make some coffee... i felt like typing ;/ just the repetativeness was kinda soothing... My four year poured me some ice tea... He is so sweet, He then came in and asked if he could have it. Lol. I love him. My little family, My beautiful children. I have been blessed. His Bio-daddy is truely missing out, and I feel like I kinda have this wonderful thing over him. Mine. I think i'll go make that coffee now and do a little more cleaning stuff... Make me feel better.. about... things.

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