Saturday, May 22, 2010


I took a "forced" nap. ;) But I hate sleeping during the day even when I'm so exhausted I can barely move, which is SO frustrating. So I'm awake again, and very sleepy. And feeling more then a little depressed. I hate this, I hate feeling this way. Stuck and tired , no energy...
I think I will probably go try to lie back down for awhile. I am so disappointed. We (the boy and I) were suppose to go on our little hiking date today. but .. no babysitter for the wee ones...
Going to cry. Whatever.


  1. Don't be too sad. All things pass and there will be many times when you can go out, later on.
    Blessings, Star

  2. I'm sorry you are sad. I know it can be disappointing when we have our hearts set on something and it doesn't happen. There will be other days where you can go on the hike.

    There are many things to be thankful for... We just have to look for them sometimes. Can I say I absolutely love your masthead. Makes me wanna climb those stairs.

    Hugs, Paula

  3. BTW--how odd that I come here and find your "About Me" quote. I just came across that quote the other day and it just stayed with me...

    Love it.

  4. @Star... I know, I know :)

    @Paula... hmmmm Did you perhaps see it on My facebook page? I befriended you there... I love that painting your friend did of you, beautiful :) You my dear are the only person as of yet who actually know my true idenity... ;/ You also have the ability now to see both my secret blog (this one) and the one attached to my facebook profile. LUCKY!! Lol
    I don't know why..... Perhaps there IS a reason?