Monday, May 17, 2010

Evening Rain

I'm starving! And I'm feeling very quarrelsome, and grouchy. Its raining now, and its lovely. I love the smell of rain and the coolness after a warm sunny day. Its like two days in one. Plus HOUSE is on tonight! YAY! Besides FRINGE,, HOUSE is my FAVORITE show. LOVE! So perfect day... Kinda ;/. My "Love" is making dinner. In some ways I am truely spoiled and very grateful :). So I suppose the grouchiness is hunger, sleepiness, and "Mother".. maybe some "Father" and Self-Pity. Nice to be able to put that in somewhat of perspective... Keeps the general anxiety at bay a little more ;). Deep breathing exercises would be good I think. Keeping my attention on ONE thing for a period of time especially when it has to do with my self and betterment ectera is very hard for me... Baby is crying...

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