Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GoodNight Moon

Can't sleep. So TIRED! When I can't sleep I end up laying in bed clawing myself and thinking... So-o I get up and get on the computer and snack on a cookie, chips and vitamin water. So now I feel a little nauseus to boot. Nice going. I just want to fall off to sleep!! Its three in the morning. And we have to work in the morning. Only for a few hours ,, but still. I feel like vomiting. NEED SLEEP! I was thinking about all kinds of things in bed and now I can't really remember what they all were. I guess, maybe I should try it again? I always feel like I'm on guard at night. As if I can protect everyone. Hah , please. So silly. Brain please chill out for a few hours and let me recouperate? please? Going to try again.

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