Monday, May 17, 2010

Remember To Forget

I have had two (maybe three?) cups of coffee, and now feel extremely relaxed and sleepy. (Lol yeah I'm one of the few crazy people that get reverse effects on things) So I guess that pretty much proves I'm insane on a molecular level. ;p
I painted one side of my sons shelf. It is blue and matches his Ikea Mammut crib perfectly. As if I had actually got the paint mixed to match.. which I didn't. I check the Wal-mart mis-tints shelf for cool colors ;). So-o awesome. I feel pretty damn good right now. Underneath it all I'm a bit sad. But surprisely good. For some reason I think I'm afraid to get back into my art. This makes me a bit worried and sad. I need to just JUMP in. I NEED to do it. I love writing and photograghy, but its become a lame excuse for really getting my hands dirty. I don't know why I am so scared of it. It is ME. What is wrong with ME? Alot... I know. I am feeling like crying again. Lol , I'v been getting that sensation off and on randomly for awhile now. ...............

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