Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sick And Tired

I am sick. Sick and exhausted ans feverish. Couldnt sleep although I can barely think straight and have to keep retyping everything because I am spelling everything wrong ... My fingers won't hit the right keys~ :/
I got up to get a drink and take a melatonin tab. Thinking maybe that might help. Its sooo hot.. but its just me. I had chills ealier. I went to Facebook.. obviously only to torture myself ;/ to check my ex's and my moms profiles.... SO VERY LAME!! Arrgghhhh! What is WRONG with me??!! Sometimes I think about just deleteing my profile.. I mean really.. who would notice or care? And "no" I not being depressed or anything.. I am serious.
Uhg.. I think I am going to try bed again. Very sleepy.

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