Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Silence.... My darling one took my daughter to karate class and my son along with him. Baby is napping. It is quiet.. well as long as you tune out the nieghbors bassing music.. I am in a semi decent mood and at the moment choose to ignore it. Or more likely my brain is calm enough to handle it with grace , instead of screaming and pounding on the floor and walls which I have been known to do when it begins vibrating in my bones and brain driving me mad. I am VERY sensitive. I can hear the vibrating of eletricity when someone has their TV on in the building sometimes and I'm trying to sleep... I can feel and hear its humming. I wonder sometimes if I'm OCD or mildly autistic.. whats the word for "mildly" aspergers I believe....
I can't quite believe I could be only for ONE reason.. my apartment is a disaster... I obsess over the mess.. making plans and dreams... that just dont .. happen. But if I wassss.. wouldn't it all be perfect?
Wouldnt I just HAVE to make it HAPPEN?
I'm on my third cup of coffee today.. which is alot for me.. I usually have one to none. I am also very sensitive to caffiene.
I feel a mess right... Tired, and bored and .. spazzy. Oh the family is BACK!!!

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